As we all know, SNOMED CT is an extremely powerful health terminology solution that can be deployed in countless ways for the tremendous benefit of vendors and their customers. That said, skilled resources can be scarce, so we’ve made it easier for you to gain the knowledge you require by providing ready access to education offerings, targeted to specific resources within your organization.

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Education offerings for Executives and Sales staff:

Education offerings for Technical Staff:


As we continue to refine our educational offerings, one of our primary goals is to ensure that vendors have quick and easy access to the content they really need.

In service of this approach, we have improved access and removed barriers to the Foundations Course! 

Students can now self-enroll for the SNOMED CT Foundation course, and can then start the course without any delays.   

  1. Create an E-Learning account click here (unless you have one already)
  2. Login to your E-Learning account click here
  3. Go to the Foundation Course click here and click the “Enroll Me” button
  4. Start the course by filling in a short registration form
  5. Move through the course presentations and module assessment

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