6pm PLC

At 6PM, we are passionate about the benefits patients derive from the health solutions that we have successfully taken to market since 2011. The underlying passion is derived from our ability to integrate technology with health care pathways to automate the day-to-day clinical requirements. This allows clinicians and health specialists more time to focus on the patients’ welfare. We are dedicated to provide health solutions that help deliver an improved and better quality of life. 6PM’s core value is to earn the right to compete in the market place by building trust with our customers.

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Apelon, Inc.

Apelon is an international informatics company offering professional services and software for terminology creation, deployment, mapping and maintenance. As terminology creation gives way in the marketplace to terminology deployment, our focus is on helping enterprises use their terminologies and their homegrown or third-party software to improve health and health care delivery.

We've been working with controlled vocabularies for more than 20 years, and our consulting team boasts two SNOMED Consultant Terminologists and a SNOMED Implementation Advisor.

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B2i Healthcare

B2i Healthcare (B2i) is a boutique software engineering firm specialized in SNOMED CT and healthcare information standards and exchange. We provide products to simplify SNOMED CT adoption and offer software development services to support healthcare IT needs. Our Snow Owl® technology family is used in 2,500+ locations in over 83 countries worldwide. We’ve been delivering successful healthcare IT projects since 2005. In addition to our own product suite, we have developed tooling and server components for a variety of organizations around the world. We pride ourselves on reliably delivering industrial-strength tools and software solutions that provide real customer value. We help standards bodies and national healthcare programs solve their healthcare tooling problems.

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BITAC is a “clinical terminology for ehealth" company. We promote health knowledge development, unlocking the power of data through the use of standards. We work with the standards LOINC, ICD10, OMIM and SNOMED CT, providing automatic coding, semantic network and professional services through our SAAS platform, CTMAP, which works as a semantic hub.

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BT Clinical Computing

BT Clinical Computing aims at structuring the existing data of medical and hospital information systems into a SNOMED CT repository from where the data can be reused for secondary coding (ICD10), data extraction for Patient Summary, Personal Health Record and clinical research.

The intelligent SNOMED CT-repository can feed decision support systems and business intelligence.

Eighty percent of medical data are in free text… Natural Language Parsing of existing medical reports to SNOMED CT discloses a gold mine of clinical data for further use.

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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

C-DAC is the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas including Health Informatics. C-DAC has today emerged as a premier R&D organization in IT&E (Information Technologies and Electronics) in the country working on strengthening national technological capabilities in the context of global developments in the field and responding to change in the market need in selected foundation areas.

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Clinithink is a specialist Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) company helping to solve long standing challenges in patient recruitment for clinical trials by automating pre-screening and enabling sites and sponsors to meet recruitment targets on time and within budget. Clinithink’s core offering allows users to access existing unstructured clinical narrative stored in data warehouses and repositories – a rich, untapped source of information - to identify eligible patients. Clinithink is engaged in ground-breaking work with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York finding 10X the patients that meet trial-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria in a fraction of the time it currently takes.

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Providing electronic health record solutions to healthcare organizations with the patient at the heart.

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Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health organizes the world’s oncology information and makes it useful for patients, physicians, life science companies and researchers. Today, our software connects community practices and cancer centers on a common technology infrastructure to address key healthcare challenges. Our goal is to power a national benchmarking and research network to transform how cancer care is delivered.

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Health Terminology New Zealand (HTNZ)

Health Terminology New Zealand (HTNZ) has been established to support the health care sector in understanding, developing, implementing and maintaining terminology based solutions. Our primary focus is on SNOMED CT based solutions.

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IMO - Intelligent Medical Objects

Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO) is the developer of the most widely-accepted medical terminology solution for the management of medical vocabularies and software applications for healthcare organizations worldwide. IMO’s terminology is used by more than 3,500 hospitals and 450,000 physicians daily, and this trusted terminology platform supports innovations by provider systems. IMO medical vocabulary and mapping products effectively capture clinical intent and help EMRs preserve and communicate this across the entire spectrum of care. IMO clinical terms are mapped to all standard coding systems, including ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED®. The accuracy of IMO’s interface terminology was found to be “nearly perfect” in an independent study published by the US Centers for Disease Control.

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PenRad, Inc.

PenRad has been a leader in Structured Reporting solutions for the Radiology market for over two decades. PenRad's products for the Mammography market have been used by thousands of Radiologists to produce tens of millions of reports using a proprietary terminology built in-house. The goal now is to completely re-platform our product line over to SNOMED-CT and FHIR, and to offer solutions that can help other organizations move from their own proprietary solutions over to the emerging standards.

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West Coast Informatics, LLC

From website: We are a small California-based equal opportunity employer offering professional informatics consulting services. Our core competencies are the tooling to support authoring and maintenance of structured terminologies, tooling for publishing and data quality analysis, and methodologies and approaches for mapping between structured terminologies and/or local data sets.

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Wolters Kluwer, Health Language

Health Language provides industry-leading terminology management solutions that enhance systems interoperability, clinical documentation workflows, analytics, and population health management.

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