PenRad, Inc.

PenRad has been a leader in Structured Reporting solutions for the Radiology market for over two decades. PenRad's products for the Mammography market have been used by thousands of Radiologists to produce tens of millions of reports using a proprietary terminology built in-house. The goal now is to completely re-platform our product line over to SNOMED-CT and FHIR, and to offer solutions that can help other organizations move from their own proprietary solutions over to the emerging standards.

SNOMED CT enabled solutions

PenRad will be introducing PenRad on FHIR in 2017, which will be completely SNOMED-CT enabled. In addition, we will be introducing a broad suite of development tools and run-time engines for classic Terminology services, as well as Clinical Decision Support and Clinical Quality Metrics that will be compliant with CIMI Models based on Archetype Definition Language, Clinical Quality Language and FHIR - all of which depend on an extensive and intimate integration with SNOMED-CT at the terminology and metadata layer.

Scope of services

Middleware, Lab, Diagnostic imaging, Drug, Pharmacy, Chronic disease, Oncology, Clinical coding, Clinical documentation, Order sets, Analytics

Regions where operational

North America

Head office address

114 Commerce Cr.

Contact name

Greg Gustafson