SNOMED CT is a powerful tool, but communicating that power and its benefits is another matter. We’re here to help you not only understand what SNOMED CT brings to your business, but to also help you communicate that to your customers.

Business case 1: Building the Business Case for SNOMED CT 
Business case 2: Data Analytics with SNOMED CT 
Business case 3: SNOMED CT - Adding Value to EHR and SNOMED CT - Supporting Meaningful Use

There are also other resources available for those interested in a “deeper dive”:

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Throughout 2016, we'll expand our portal with a range of features, including 'marketplace' – our one-stop-shop for browsing solutions that SNOMED CT enables.


Helping to stimulate the market for SNOMED CT solutions is a key part of our mandate

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SNOMED CT applied

Understand what SNOMED CT brings to your business, and communicate it to your customers

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Licensing tools and technology can be complicated — but we'll make it easy for you

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